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Mr Lincoln Peedah

Head, Project and Credit Department

Project and Credit Department

The Project/Credit Department is tasked to ensure the administration of all loan transactions of the bank. It has the Project Officer at its Head and assisted by the Assistant Project Officer.

The Department carries out two main credit delivery modules;

  • Mainstream Credit Delivery; Salaried Loans, Short-Term Advances for all salaried earners through the bank, Commercial loans for business entities; individuals and SMEs, contractors, suppliers etc, Church & Mosque Development loans. This is expected to be a separate Department headed by a Credit Coordinator and assisted by Credit Officers.
  • Microfinance Group lending; administration of microfinance group loans, agricultural group loans and other group based lending models of the bank. Also, this is expected to be a separate department headed by a Microfinance Coordinator and assisted by Microfinance Officers.

The day-day running of the credit administration processes are carried out by the credit officers, two at Bawku Agency, two at Bolga Agency and one at the Head Office, Zebilla. The Credit Officers and Assistant Project Officer reports directly to the Project officer. The Project Officer and his Assistant are part of the management team of the bank. However, only the Project Officer represents Management in the Credit and Loans Committee of the bank during its monthly meetings.

General Responsibilities of the Credit Department

  • Community entry and sensitization campaigns
  • Group animations and trainings
  • Receipt of loan applications
  • Conducting appraisal processes, including field visits, scanning through documentations, seeking consents from sister banks, industry analysis, and other background checks on customers
  • Submission of appraised loan applications through approval processes; at management level, committee level and at Board level; depending on the loan type and loan threshold.
  • Communicating approvals and loan rejections decisions if any to customers
  • Disbursements of approved loans to respective clients; at the field for group loans, and in-house for all other types of loans
  • Loan closing and monitoring of clients loans
  • Recoveries of loans
  • Reporting on status of loans to Management, Committee and the Board

 Additionally, the Project Officer carries out the following roles;

  • Supervisory roles over all credit officers on their loan performances
  • Preparation of quarterly returns on the bank’s consolidated loan portfolio performance to the Loans and Credit Committee, the Board, ARB Apex Bank, Bank of Ghana and other regulators
  • Liaison personnel for all partners, key stakeholders and other organizations to the bank.

Key Achievements of the Project/Credit Department

  • Successfully executed the microfinance lending that earned the bank’s selection amongst 19 rural banks to attend the International Microfinance Conference held in Hyderabad, India in October, 2012
  • Successfully, executed the cashless agricultural lending model introduced by the Northern Rural Growth Programme, a Government of Ghana, African Development Bank (AfDB) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) sponsored project. The bank was selected as a panelist to represent all the rural banks operating in Northern Ghana among the District Value Chain Committee at the Annual IFAD Governing Council Meeting held in Rome, Italy; February, 2016.
  • Recognized as the most Innovative Bank in terms of Agricultural lending at the 2015 Annual National Farmers’ Day Celebration.

Future outlook

  • Separation of the Department into Credit and Microfinance Departments. This is expected to improve task scheduling and segregation of duties
  • Recruitment of Credit and Microfinance Coordinators. These measures are expected to increase efficiency in the credit delivery processes and enhance loan monitoring and recovery processes.

Mr Nathaniel Akure

Head, Audit Department

Mr Emmanuel Narh

Head, ICT Department

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